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In a Business 4.0TM world, insurers want to be seen as innovative, efficient and technology savvy. They understand the need to leverage digital technologies, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics to provide a rich experience and stay tuned to evolving customer needs by offering contextual solutions at the right time and right place. Insurers are often faced with the challenge of responding rapidly and efficiently to regulatory changes and developing innovative solutions to suit market needs, while also maintaining the desired underwriting quality.


, including customer management, product definition, plan and network management, policy administration, claims management, claims adjudication, insurance accounting and reinsurance, among others. The solution's easy-to-use, web-based interface supports global organizations with multiple languages and currencies.

TCS BaNCS caters to a wide gamut of products, sales channels, and lifecycle functionalities, enabling firms to rapidly create and configure new products across markets to increase profitability, scalability and develop a competitive edge through automated claim adjudication and fraud control.


  • Product and plan management
  • CRM enabling partner management
  • Provider and network management
  • Underwriting and policy management
  • Policy servicing
  • Authorization and claims management
  • Workflow management

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