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Next-generation Platform for Subscription Based Digital Businesses

Agile, hosted OSS/BSS for CSPs to enhance customer centricity and business responsiveness  



Communications service providers (CSPs) and other subscription-based businesses are looking to diversify their portfolio by offering adjacent services. They are exploring unconventional revenue streams driven by advancements in cloud, SDN/NFV, and IoT technologies. The fast-changing digital world requires continuous innovation to cater to customers’ expectation of instant access to new services and products. This drives the need for simplified business processes and futuristic solutions. 

HOBS HOSTED OSS/BSS for Telecom Poviders

TCS Solution

It supports over 400 transactions across functions such as multi-channel engagement, product management, sales, service assurance, revenue management, partner management, device management, and enterprise management.

HOBS is built on the highest industry standards and is TM Forum Framework certified. This is illustrative of TCS’ commitment to providing support to global service providers seeking standards-based, cost-effective, flexible, and interoperable solutions.

HOBS Revenue Assurance

Revenue leakages, opportunity loss, and cost assurance are key causes of concern for communications service providers (CSPs) today.

TCS’ HOBS Revenue Assurance enables proactive discovery, analysis, and correction of operational inefficiencies in a CSP's revenue chain which otherwise would result in significant revenue loss and cost overheads, in addition to negatively impacting customer experience.

The Big Data based offering utilizes a robust and non-intrusive diagnostic methodology. To know more, Download Brochure

HOBS Product Portfolio Management Solution

Constantly changing marketplace, fierce competition, and the rapid proliferation of digital technologies have resulted in the emergence of innovative business models and products.

TCS’ HOBS Product Portfolio Management is a comprehensive and flexible solution with modeling, lifecycle, and integration capabilities to facilitate timely launch and effective maintenance of diverse product portfolios.

The solution allows CSPs the flexibility in modeling their offerings in order to ensure hyper-personalization; open APIs help drive seamless omni-channel experience. To know more, Download Brochure

HOBS Connected Devices Management

The telecommunications industry has been witnessing high device proliferation and it is only going to increase, perhaps at a much faster rate. With a multi-technology, multi-purpose, and multi-vendor device mix, CSPs need extensive manual intervention in managing network devices configurations.

TCS’ HOBS Connected Devices Management solution enables CSPs to effectively manage device configurations, activation, and assurance, eliminating manual processes. To know more, Download Brochure

How we have helped our clients:

  • An operator based out of Philippines focusing on B2B segment transformed its operations with TCS’ HOBS. The operator, with a portfolio of over 2500 offerings across 18 service lines is now able to launch new services quickly.
  • A leading Indian DTH service provider wanted to launch FTTX-broadband services. TCS’ HOBS platform enabled the green-field launch in 5 months. 
  • A Malaysia-based telco deployed TCS’ HOBS Revenue Assurance solution to reconcile over 20 data streams, thereby plugging revenue leakage.
  • A leading US CSP offering video, internet, and voice services is leveraging TCS HOBS Network Configuration Management solution to achieve 100% automation of its device configuration backup. 


Platformization Helps Telcos Offer More Value

Empowering telcos with new opportunities in adjacent industries such as e-health, videos, or advertising.

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