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Eastern Communications Expands Market Footprint

An upgrade to next-gen TCS HOBS™ gives the telco competitive edge in a tough market

Eastern Communications
Communication, Media and Technology
Enterprise Applications


The telco was looking for a next-gen IT platform to improve scale and efficiency.

Eastern Communications, a leading telecommunications company in Philippines, has been upgrading and expanding its connectivity and ICT services nationwide. This drove the need for a next-generation IT platform with enhanced capacity and capability, rich user experience, and simplified operations. In addition, the Asian telco wanted a solution that would support rapid innovation and help build differentiated products and packages. At the same time, the company wanted to ensure cost-effective operations and gain the much-needed agility to compete in a dynamic market.



Eastern Communications switches to the next-gen TCS HOBS.

TCS, a longtime IT partner of Eastern Communications, evaluated its business scale needs and over 100 functional requirements, studied the current operations cost heads, and examined the end of life solutions. After this thorough analysis, TCS recommended that the telco upgrade from TCS HOBS 5.3 to next-gen HOBS 8.2.

TCS’ services included:

  • Seamless migration of data (customer and network) and applications with near-zero disruption to business throughout the transition period
  • Technology upgrade to Tomcat, Wildfly, and Camunda to ensure scale and lower costs
  • Deployment of microservice-oriented architecture to enhance interoperability, scalability, productivity, and ease of operations
  • Improved user journey and interface to enrich user experience and reduce turnaround time

“Upgrading to Next-Gen HOBS 8.2 helped improve operational efficiencies”

Ronald Rex Evangelista, IT Head, Eastern Communications


Eastern Communications reduces opex, improves productivity, and enhances CX.

With TCS HOBS 8.2, Eastern Communications now services over 50,000 subscriptions and more than 10,000 products and packages across 28 offerings. TCS’ end-to-end integrated solution has helped the telco offer personalized experience to end users while reducing operations costs by a significant measure.


Up to $80,000 saved in license costs


improvement on turnaround time


saving in configuration effort

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