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To provide a fillip to the development of AVs, global automotive manufacturers are improving the quality and management of vehicle and software development. They achieve this by effectively curating the data, testing vehicle algorithms using robust validation frameworks, and securely deploying software updates to in-vehicle modules. However, the large scale of AV data and the evolving technology and regulatory landscape pose a formidable challenge to fast track AV development. 

TCS Solution

The TCS AutoscapeTM - Autonomous Vehicle Solutions suite accelerates AV development and drastically improves a manufacturer’s time-to-market. The solutions offer end-to-end capabilities across vehicle engineering, data management, and algorithm development and deployment. TCS AutoscapeTM offerings include autonomous vehicle data services, application lifecycle management, data annotation studio, and autonomous vehicle verification and validation. TCS partners with leading technology and solution providers to help customers seamlessly build their AV technology stack.


  • Enable faster turnaround time with improved productivity
  • Provide end-to-end capability across the vehicle development lifecycle
  • Reduce total cost of operations through optimization and effective utilization of cloud infrastructure
  • Reduce capex and opex for autonomous components and feature development
  • Focus on DevOps deployment using TCS' knowledge and expertise
  • Simulation-led and coverage-driven framework at scale to ensure thoroughness in validation testing
  • Catalog optimized solutions for robust data management and curation


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