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Fragmented and effort-intensive processes limited HR’s ability to support business growth


Localized processes prevented HR at TMILL from adequately supporting the business, comprising remote offices and a mobile workforce. Multiple back-end systems and third-party vendor services were leading to process fragmentation, making it important for HR to automate non-core activities to generate value. Manual procedures for organization management, employee data and performance management also led to data redundancy. Delayed record update meant lack of accurate and timely employee information, which in turn was creating communication challenges.



TMILL unifies HR processes, empowers employees and enables rich HR insights on the cloud


TMILL wanted to transform HCM by consolidating HR and talent management on a modern platform, eliminating manual and fragmented processes, and driving insights through accuracy of employee information. The company partnered with TCS to digitalize and unify their HR processes across multiple locations on the cloud with TCS’ HCM platform. The solution comprising workforce administration, payroll, time, performance, and compensation management, empowered TMILL employees, managers and HR with greater self-service and automation tools. This resulted in responsive, agile processes and enhanced user satisfaction. TCS’ solution with a single point of accountability and faster deployment helped TMILL accelerate benefit realization. Better availability of employee information further allowed TMILL to focus on core HR activities like employee relations and policy formation, among others.


“TCS’ HCM platform has helped us unify HR processes across locations”

Shabana Khan, Chief – HR/IR & Administration, TMILL


Faster realization of business value with TCS’ HCM platform on the cloud

TCS’ HCM platform has helped TMILL achieve rich user experience through extensive self-service and enhance visibility with up-to date employee information. With business agility, the company can now focus on core HR activities



Single digitized HR Platform


reduction in employee queries

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