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Leverage dynamic ad insertion to target the right audience

Content viewing online has seen exponential growth over the last few years. Video on demand, live events including sports and entertainment shows, and simulcast streaming are the fastest growing segments. While traditional TV viewers have switched to over-the-top platforms, it’s only natural that advertisers will also follow suit. But, they need a way to reach the right audiences at the right time without straining the ad ecosystem.

To remain competitive, broadcasters and communications service providers need to look for addressable (targeted or programmatic), personalized and relevant ads based on viewing history, location, device type, and more. This paper outlines an approach on how the industry can meet the addressable ad challenges in live and video-on-demand experiences by leveraging new technologies such as server-side ad insertion and 5G to scale up the ecosystem.

Ajay Chandra

Senior Consulting Partner, Communications, Media and Information Services, TCS

Manoj M

Senior Cloud Solution Designer, Communications, Media and Information Services, TCS


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