Reimagine Business Operations, Realize Superior Business Outcomes

In the Business 4.0™ era,   business models are rapidly changing and fundamentally redefining how organizations interact with their customers.  Most enterprises realize only partial success in digital transformation due to siloed operations. For an enterprise to scale holistically,  it must go beyond technology change and transform its operating model.Today,  enterprises are pressed to manage these changes in a comprehensive, integrated manner across IT and cognitive business operations.

We Deliver Results

TCS’ Cognitive Business Operations (CBO) caters to various CXO stakeholder’s transformational needs by taking responsibility of the entire slices of enterprise operations, including process delivery, application services, and the underlying IT infrastructure, and delivers superior business outcomes and experience to all stakeholders through holistic Machine-First™ transformation leveraging Cloud, Analytics, IoT, Machine Learning, AI, and RPA throughout the operational stack.

CBO leverages TCS’ proprietary Machine First Delivery Model™ (MFDM™) and Ignio™ enabled by the Sense-Understand- Decide-Respond framework to drive automation and derive insights from business operations. CBO helps enterprises achieve exponential business value, embrace risk, enhance customer experience through hyper-personalization while leveraging the wider partner ecosystem.

Business Process Services

Industry and LOB-specific services designed to drive business value.

IT Infrastructure Services

Easily available, and highly reliable IT infrastructure to meet your dynamic business needs.

Unleashing Business Value in a Business 4.0 World

In an era we call Business 4.0, digital technologies offer enterprises huge opportunities to create superior customer experiences, leverage ecosystems and embrace risk. It’s no surprise then that digital transformation projects have become top-of-mind for executives at large organizations.

Sweeping digital transformation may remain the top priority for most large organizations over the long term. However, surgical operational improvements can deliver significant savings and revenue opportunities in the near term.  

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NeApp awards TCS the ‘SAP Delivery Excellence Partner of year’ at SAP Summit 2021 Event
With TCS Cognix™ and Azure NetApp Files, our customers are empowered with robust solutions that move SAP workloads into the Azure cloud in a secure and agile manner.
TCS Wins ‘BPO Partner of the Year’ from Celonis for our transformation capabilities

This award recognizes our efforts around launching industry first solutions, creating customer

impact and scaling a truly global practice of Process Miners and Consultants

TCS wins the Platinum award for Enhancing Customer Loyalty at CII National Competition

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. (TCS) won Platinum award for "Enhancing Customer Loyalty and Retention through AI based real time Omnichannel Engagement" at the 5th CII National Competition on DIGITALISATION, ROBOTICS & AUTOMATION held on 18th and 19th March, 2021. The award recognizes how TCS helped its customer to achieve its business goals. Their Net Promoter Score (NPS) was increased to above industry average while their customer retention also saw a significant uptick from 20% to 50%.

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