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As a leader in the IT space, TCS believes in the transformative power of Digital solutions, and therefore invest heavily in research and innovation to lead the change. We spend significantly in both data privacy and security research areas. TCS has created several tools for data masking, and has made progress in areas such as cryptography, hash control, and access rights management. TCS also organizes various initiatives to promote innovation within and outside the company. A case in point is TCS Innovista, as part of which the company awards employees who come up with innovative ideas.. We also organize ‘Innovation Days’ in collaboration with key clients.

Among its offerings, the TCS Co-Innovation Network (COINTM) ecosystem has expanded its footprint across the world. Dedicated efforts at our Innovation Labs in Pune have brought to life our neural automation offering, ignioTM. Apart from a popular Internet of Things platform, we have also launched research and innovation programs for intelligent and autonomous infrastructure, personalized medicine, and smart machines. On the sustainability front, our focus is on providing new offerings using emerging technologies and creating intellectual property to mitigate risk through technology. 


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