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Unleashing Business Resiliency with an Enterprise Cloud Platform

Satishchandra Doreswamy
Vice President & Global Head - Cloud Infrastructure, TCS

Key insights

  • Ensuring resiliency across the enterprise
  • Accelerating technology adoption & deployment
  • Enabling the focus on efficiency and continuity 

Cloud technology continues to be an integral element in overall resilience and digital transformation strategy for the global enterprise. The fallout from COVID-19 has only reaffirmed the need for the cloud as an integral component for enterprise resilience supporting high availability, disaster recovery and cost optimization. In the recovery journey, those enterprises that have already adopted the cloud have been able to leverage it to adeptly respond and handle surge in traffic, resource management, and mitigate risk inherent in traditional infrastructure—and are now well positioned to seamlessly further expand their cloud footprint. Projected economic recovery times, increased pressure to optimize IT resources and cost, and the ongoing need for remote operations will compel most organizations to revise their existing IT transformation roadmap to accelerate the adoption of cloud technology to thrive during this period of global disruption.

Cost optimization now and post recovery

Analyst surveys indicate more than 50% of enterprise CFOs are responding to the current business environment by focusing on reducing spend and building cash reserves. Most businesses will prioritize and purchase only the most essential elements that ensure survival, with the goal of significantly reducing discretionary spend. This cost-reduction strategy also applies to IT spend and will likely remain in place until the economy stabilizes and revenue certainty returns. 

During recovery, a phased reopening of businesses is expected to continue across the globe. During this period, mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and divestiture activity will increase and accelerate in order to respond to the new demand environment. 

The first step forward: hybrid cloud platform

As enterprises seek to move forward in their cloud journey, a hybrid cloud platform strategy is typically the first step. A unified technology platform, as shown in the following graphic, enables the integration and orchestration of operations across multiple clouds. A platform-driven model for cloud management and orchestration gives organizations the ability to embrace a multi-cloud environment to better respond in a post-pandemic era. 

Why an enterprise cloud platform is essential right now

To accelerate evolution toward a more digital business environment with benefits beyond cost optimization, here are three key benefits to adopting an enterprise cloud platform:

  1. Enhanced resilience. Traditionally, the way to build resilience has been to focus primarily on IT infrastructure and security. Modernized infrastructure on the cloud enables a 360-degree approach that helps ensure resilience of IT infrastructure (scalability/flexibility), business operations (high availability and disaster recovery solutions), governance (platform-based orchestration and reporting) and data privacy and security.

  2. Accelerated adoption & deployment. Cloud offers a reduced cycle time to set up IT systems to support acquisition or divestitures of new business subsidiaries. Cloud allows for a logical separation instead of having to set up an entire infrastructure from scratch, especially effective for to streamline enterprise M&As or divestitures. 

  3. Efficiency & continuity. There will be continued focus on unified communications solutions that allows employees to work remotely, without compromising security. Enterprises must accelerate the transformation of how they execute day-to-day activities, moving from a desktop-centric model to a multi-device anytime-anywhere workspace model that enables employees to be nimble and agile, yet highly productive at the same time.

Building new beginnings with a cloud ecosystem

The pandemic has underscored the need for organizations to digitally transform. Resiliency enabled by a cloud platform and a trusted partner can empower companies to effectively respond during times of uncertainty, accelerate their digital journey, and discover new opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies within a cloud-led business ecosystem.

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