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Driving growth and loyalty with unified retail experiences 

The next wave of commerce modernization goes beyond checkout innovation.

It’s about driving customer loyalty, empowering teams with the right tools, and always being ready for future retail.

TCS OmniStore™ is an AI-powered, unified composable commerce platform that helps retailers drive a frictionless, and personalized customer experience across all touchpoints. It helps you power modern commerce experiences with a range of capabilities such as click-and-collect, scan and go, save the cart, and self-checkout, along with dynamic promotion management and clienteling.

Built on a headless microservices architecture, TCS OmniStore allows you to take an incremental approach to transformation with the flexibility to reuse existing investments, execute strategic build vs. buy decisions, and build a technology stack with a best-of-breed ecosystem partner. Our platform goes beyond cart and check out with support for multiple payment types and new business models such as B2B, D2C, and marketplaces.

TCS OmniStore serves diverse lines of business—general merchandise, discount retailers, specialty hard and soft goods, restaurants, post offices, telecoms, and enterprises across the travel and hospitality industries. 



increase in sales


reduction in average checkout time

customer churn

decrease in customer churn


increase in conversion

order value

increase in average order value

labor hours

decrease in associate labor hours

Swipe Right
Swipe Left


Composable architecture for rapid innovation

Unified customer experience across channels

Sophisticated AI for contextual personalization

Customer engagement with meaningful offers

Insights through unification of data and events

Uninterrupted experiences with self-healing IT ops

Legal and fiscal compliance support

Our Solutions

Offers a wide range of composable commerce capabilities that gives you the flexibility to create your own commerce platform, your way, with the option to build and buy. 

An AI-powered decision-making engine that drives loyalty and lifetime value by delivering delightful experiences to shoppers every time.

An AI-powered unified hub that helps marketing, merchandising, and category teams to maximize promotions ROI by making offers irresistible for shoppers. 



Gold for Composable Commerce Applications


Most Innovative Product


Omnichannel Technology of the Year


Best AI-ML solution

Modernize commerce for tomorrow

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