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Manufacturing Excellence


Leverage TCS’ innovative offerings and transform your manufacturing landscape to achieve excellence across the value chain and to manage cost, quality and time.

The need to have efficient, standardized, flexible and replicable Manufacturing Excellence Offeringmanufacturing operations, to survive in this highly competitive global marketplace with rapidly changing customer expectations, pressures organizations to innovate continually.

The TCS Advantage

  • Our solutions along the entire value chain accelerate the product planning process, right from design, to manufacturing operations, and finally customer experience management.
  • We use a unique ‘shop floor to board room’ model leveraging business analytics frameworks as well as connectivity between the enterprise and shop floor applications.
  • Our rich domain experience and strong alliances with leading vendors equip us with a full services portfolio providing you with the complete range of IT services and latest technology solutions.
  • Our proprietary process frameworks help in standardizing and benchmarking our consulting engagements.

Services we offer

  • Understanding and identifying the process pain points to create a road-map for manufacturing excellence
  • Assessing manufacturing  process maturity
  • Mapping manufacturing applications onto the value chain, for rationalization, standardization and consolidation
  • Enabling organizations to deal with various challenges in manufacturing by establishing Manufacturing Centers of Excellence (CoEs) 

By engaging with us, you can benefit from the proprietary process frameworks that we have built for standardization and benchmarking of our consulting engagements.

Our solution suite:


  • Reduced operating costs (Significant reduction in cost of quality across the value chain
  • Reduced waste (Wastes due to over-production, wastage in transportation, inventory, excess motion, waiting, wastage due to over-processing, and defected output, etc.)
  • Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) leading to increased throughput, improved asset utilization & improved quality
  • Improved reliability of processes and products
  • Increased visibility across the value chain
  • Better decision-making process by means of KPIs, metrics and dashboards


Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing operations must be flexible, standardized and replicable for survival and sustenance. TCS’ Manufacturing Excellence Group addresses your needs by leveraging its rich experience and using manufacturing models proposed by Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) and standards and guidelines proposed by the International Society of Automation (ISA-95).


Reaching Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing organizations seek to achieve excellence in their operations. How do you get there? In this webinar, learn how Owens Corning and other leading manufacturing organizations approach this challenge. Get perspectives from the ARC Advisory Group, a leading analyst firm, and an insight into how TCS can help.

Analyst Reports

Perspective: Enterprise Quality in Manufacturing Supply Chains

In this IDC Manufacturing Insights, Simon Ellis looks at the importance of enterprise quality and safety in the manufacturing supply chain. He also highlights the framework that TCS has developed to assess the “cost of quality” for manufacturers.

Analyst Reports

TCS Helps Cummins Clean Up its MES

This ARC View report talks about how the combination of a modern Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and high-quality global support from TCS has proven successful for Cummins.