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Digitized Product Introduction & Life Cycle Management

LEAN digitized process helps in extracting more value out of your Product Life Cycle. You can now reduce Cost & Time to Market and gain competitive advantage by leveraging Lean NPI & PLM processes and next-generation product management environment.  TCS defines a Lean process platform that is digitized and integrated into your MES to provide greater management decision support on critical product milestones.
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Manufacturing Enterprise Quality

Achieve quality intelligence by providing timely & accurate data derived from a common metrics model. TCS helps intelligent & faster decision making by offering a powerful digitized and integrated Quality Management System (QMS) with the help of Lean, 'Do It Right First Time' principles and industry best practices. The One Enterprise Model drives quality by integrating operations, resulting in better compliance and product quality improvements.


Supply Chain Transformation

With a collaborative value stream, you can squeeze costs out of the supply chain. By using Lean & 6 Sigma process principles, Value Stream Mapping and SCM process reengineering techniques, TCS helps transform your supply chain, and drives improvements in throughput and flow. By driving away muda (in inventory & lead time)  you establish cost leadership and also enhance competitiveness with added agility & flexibility.
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S & OP Orchestrated LEAN Value Chain

With one plan you can now synchronize the entire value chain functions and stay aligned to market dynamics through collaboration among the value chain partners.  TCS helps establish ‘One Plan’ through its S&OP model driven by scenario building capability for the entire value chain. This lays the foundation for enterprise wide supply chain transformation. Clients benefits from reduction in lead times, inventory and better plan-to-promise capability.


Manufacturing Operations Excellence

Aligning board room objectives to the shop floor drives excellence in business operations. TCS helps define your next generation manufacturing strategy, driving Lean enabled solutions addressing JIT / KANBAN / TPM / TQM that ensure Delivery on Demand, Perfect Plant and Plan for Every Part. These solutions help improve throughput and flow, quality compliance, schedule adherence, and reduce cost of operations.
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Global Distributed Order Management

Using order management and network optimization models, we help organizations  in enhancing supply chain network throughput by leveraging the power of IT - integrating disparate processes and IT systems through a structured EAI platform to create global inventory visibility and order promising capability. Benefits include reduction in inventory costs and increased order fill rates.


Warehouse & Logistics Management

Build an optimized and responsive warehousing and logistics network capability that feeds your value chain. Using a combination of innovative application of pull based process design, value stream mapping, analytics & theory of constraints based solutions, TCS helps you drive down inventory cost, improve network throughput, lower cycle times and slash lead time to end-customer.


Collaborative Dealer Management 

Achieve greater control over business with the help of a 360 degree view - KPI based analytics solution. Own both customer and vehicle lifecycles, thereby achieving unprecedented competitive advantage of providing differentiated and superior customer experience.
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Predictive Warranty Management

TCS’ mature Warranty and BI Analytics models help in transforming your warranty processes and enable superior warranty tracking, analysis and design improvement thus slashing cost & time of warranty processing while improving service levels for transactions.
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Service Business Management

Using our proprietary Model for Service Business Management (MSBM@TCS) we enable you to redefine and drive your services business portfolio effectively.  The model empowers you to deliver better customer experience thus creating that most desired competitive differentiation in this area. TCS helps you offer a strong services business portfolio by defining an integrated architecture that helps deliver better customer experience and increase services and parts revenues and profitability.


Service Parts Network Planning

Improving your service parts network can result in enhancing customer satisfaction and return on assets. You can now drive improvements in ‘Throughput’ and ‘Flow’ in the value chain to improve inventory turns and increase order fulfillment rates by using better defined global service processes using Lean, optimization, simulation and mathematical modeling techniques. These techniques help in defining pull-driven parts business processes, improving flow and availability of parts at the point of consumption, at ‘lowest cost of supply’. 
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Enterprise Value Chain Analytics

A single view of the enterprise performance enables intelligent and informed decision making across the enterprise value chain.  TCS helps in integrating shop floor operations with supply chain decisions to deliver to board room expectations using automotive enterprise process and value chain analytics model and business intelligence and key metrics frameworks.


Capability Enhancement through BPO

With focused BPO services and Platform BPO solutions TCS helps clients build Agile 24*7 business services models. Now expand your bandwidth significantly and enhance capital productivity by outsourcing critical knowledge based processes such as analytics (supply chain, sales & warranty) as well as resource heavy, transactional process. Benefits include rapid turnaround, reduced capital investment and 24 x 7 coverage using TCS' global services footprint.
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Process Harmonization & Application Rationalization

Establish the roadmap for ‘One Enterprise’ through process harmonization & change management that aligns business strategy with business process execution. This enables superior global collaboration that seamlessly drives your business, brings in benefits of rationalized technology, information and application architecture.