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Subhajit Das

Subhajit Das has worked across strategy consulting, business consulting, design and engineering of customer experience management software and solutions. In addition, he has worked on Enterprise Application Integration and Service Oriented Architecture. He heads the Productized Services function for TCS Interactive and also manages the design and engineering of blockchain enabled ecosystem propositions, solutions, and platforms for the TCS Blockchain Services Unit. Subhajit and has contributed to the leadership position of the Unit.

Subhajit has worked extensively with the Late Professor Clayton Christensen as part of a TCS fellowship program with the Clayton Christensen Institute. As part of this program, he has applied the principles of disruptive innovation in his research on the adoption of digital technologies as well as the future of financial and automotive industries. Subhajit is passionate about the role of technology in shaping and improving two important aspects of the lives of individuals – their health and financial wellbeing. Subhajit has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from National Institute of Technology, Silchar and Masters degree in management from Indian Institute of Management, Indore.



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