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The Robotics and Autonomous Systems research area comprises research in the field of intelligent autonomous systems with special focus on physical autonomous systems such as robots, vehicles, aerial as well as space systems. The scope of autonomy for such systems may span multiple levels from teleoperation and shared autonomy to full autonomy. By combining intelligence with autonomous systems, the research being done by TCS makes these systems more safe, skillful, robust, and flexible. The outcomes contribute to offerings across industries, namely, manufacturing, retail, utilities, life sciences, travel and tourism, government, defense and aerospace.

TCS explores key challenges in intelligent autonomous systems including unpredictable and dynamic environments, conflicting system goals, interactions and collaborations with humans, transparency, trustworthiness, liability, and authority involved in decision-making and actions.  Technology areas of our research include computer vision, multi-sensor perception, hybrid control systems, motion and task planning, robust manipulation, deep learning and machine learning, reinforcement learning, modeling and simulation, multi-agent systems, cognitive computing and architectures, and knowledge systems.


The primary focus areas of TCS’ research are:

  • Robotic systems: We focus on telerobots for remote work, collaborative robots that can team up with other robots and humans, cognitive robots that can multi-task with long-term autonomy and learn from humans as well as from their own experiences, and affective robots that can support rich human-robot interactions. Safety and reliability are other important aspects considered. In the field of mechatronics, TCS is exploring innovative hardware designs, soft robotics, and exoskeletons.
  • Space systems: TCS focusses on research for autonomous operation of aerial robots (drones), satellite constellations and swarms, complex mission planning and control, space robotics for in-orbit maintenance and debris removal, in-orbit computing, and autonomous remote sensing.

People, Publications and Patents

Research Team:

Lead: Dr. Balamuralidhar P, Chief Scientist

Team: Ranjan Dasgupta, Dr.Brojeshwar Bhowmick, Dr.Shailesh Deshpande, Dr.Titas Bera, Dr.Kaushik Das, Dr.Chayan Sarkar, Dr.Vignesh Vatsal, Abhijan Bhattacharya, Dipanjan Das and  Snehasis Banerjee

Academic partners: TCS actively collaborates with - IISc Bangalore, India; IIIT Hyderabad, India; IIT Kanpur and the University of Tokyo, Japan

Patents and Publications (last three years): – Over 30 patent grants and more than 80 publications in top-tier conferences and journals

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