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Keep pace with the changing rules of retail. Digitize your business for multi-channel, shopper-centric success with TCS’ comprehensive portfolio of retail solutions and accelerators.

Client Testimonial: TCS delivers multichannel transformation programme for Marks and Spencer
Watch Clifford Cohen, Interim CIO, Marks and Spencer talk about how successfully TCS delivered a multichannel foundation program, which helps them meet their future growth plan and customer delivery proposition.


The TCS Advantage

The rules of retail have changed. Digitally-savvy customers armed with smart devices expect retailers to engage with them on all fronts – social media, in-store, online and on their mobile. Retailers growing in this scenario, exploring newer channels, marketing formats and geographies need agile processes and robust IT to support and enable this growth.

TCS has helped leading retailers increase revenue by delivering great buying experiences. With a focus on multi-channel, digital marketing and shopper-centric merchandizing, our solutions and services help you transform your business with minimal time-to-market. 9 of the top 10 US retailers and 6 of the top 10 UK retailers have experienced this while partnering with TCS.

Solutions We offer

We offer a comprehensive suite of retail services and solutions that enable end-to-end transformations. Our offerings leverage our in-depth technology expertise and rich retail industry domain experience to deliver results with uncompromised certainty. We cater to all kind of segments like Food and Grocery, Specialty Retailing, Non-Store Retailing, Fashion and Apparel, General Merchandise Retailing and Pharma Retailing.

Services: Our analytics-led advisory services help you align business strategy and processes, and select and implement the right technology to meet the needs of today’s digital customers.

Retail Advisory Services | Technology Services | Business Process Services | Assurance Services | Implementation Services: SAP IS Retail | Oracle Retail | JDA Retail and CPG Solutions

Solutions: Our specialized offerings help you transform your core business areas and to unlock their value.

Multi Channel Enablement | Merchandising Solutions | Supply Chain | RFID | Supplier Relationship Management | Master Data Management | Wokforce Management Studio | Engaging Stores | Store Transformation | New Technology | Enterprise Information Management

Products: Our suite of products and solutions are aligned to meet and surpass industry demands in the areas of customer engagement, store optimization, mobility and Big Data. 

TCS OmniStore POS | TCS mPOS | TCS Optumera™ | TCS PeriVista Shopper | TCS eCommerce Platform 

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TCS Retail Forum Journal – Issue 7

Need for digital acceleration is driving the biggest changes of this digital era. Highly effective digital companies are agile, respond faster to market demands, and have simplified and flexible architecture which supports two-speed IT. The 7th issue of Forum journal provides perspectives of TCS’ experts on how retailers can develop these traits to get ready for the digital era.

White Papers

Simplify IT to Accelerate Digital

This paper discusses an architectural and holistic approach to simplification that will help retailers redesign their technology landscape and its processes, and lay the foundation for a robust digital enterprise. The author, based on his experience, shares the top five best practices retailers should adopt to ensure the success of their simplification programs.


RIS news exclusively covers TCS’ POS in RIS POS Software Tech Solutions Guide

The supplement covers market intelligence around retail's most visible technology and describes how the POS is now much more than a payment processing system today, it is acting as an omnichannel commerce engine responsible for driving the enterprise. TCS is highlighted among other leading POS software vendors in a chart showing available solutions. TCS POS lead Dhiraj Jain presents our perspective on POS software trends and considerations. Register to download the pdf guide.


Stores Operations Transformation Acceleration and Realization (STAR)

TCS’ STAR focuses on keeping the brick and mortar format of retail stores relevant in the multi-channel, web, mobile and social media world. It aims at driving improved customer engagement / experience and reducing the “fat” by focusing on operational efficiencies and productivity.